“Salina Surgical Hospital’s Mission is to provide the highest quality healthcare services at a reasonable cost using modern, state-of-the-art technology in a friendly and caring environment by highly-skilled, compassionate staff in an effort to serve the people of Salina and its surrounding communities.”

Patients find our setting a pleasant place to have elective surgery, because the facility provides for:

  • A simplified admitting process which is designed around their special needs.
  • Family involvement during the pre-operative waiting and post-operative recovery periods.
  • Patients recover in the comfort of their own home for Day-Surgery and private rooms for recovery of those patients needing a longer recovery period.
  • Clinical staff chosen for their warmth and interpersonal skills
  • Intimate, personalized environment
  • Comfortable, relaxed, homelike recovery care area

Our Staff...

  • Inpatient Nurse to Patient staffing ratio is 1 nurse to 4 patients or better (national average is 1:6 or greater).
  • Nursing staff levels remain constant with a 99% retention rate.
  • The Average nursing experience is over 20 years.

Procedures Yearly Average...

  • Averaging over 8,000 inpatient and/or outpatient procedures annually.

Patient Survey 2008...

  • 100% of the respondents would recommend Salina Surgical Hospital to a family or friend.
  • The overall patient satisfaction was 98%.


  • Salina Surgical Hospital is jointly owned by Salina Regional Health Center (50%) and a group of local, community involved physicians.  SSH meets the definition of a “physician owned’ hospital under 42 CFR 489.3. 

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